Terms of Use

The agreed amount must be paid in advance either by cash, bank transfer or credit card (+ 3%).

The reservation is made through our booking system. Please, check your booking for all booking, cancellation and payment details.

The house rules are valid for all apartments on this homepage and regulates the basic conditions in order to enjoy a pleasant stay in a well-kept atmosphere for all involved. If there is a separate house rule at the respective landlord (locally), this house rule is an integral part of the respective house rules. The particular house rules, which depends on the apartment, must be followed by the guests and their flatmates. If topics are regulated differently, the local house rules always apply. The remaining points remain unaffected. The landlord reserves the right to carry out controls during the rental period in the apartments or in urgent cases, in case of suspected damage or to resolve damage, to enter the apartments without prior announcement.

House rules:
All apartments are non-smoking apartments. Smoking is not permitted in the apartment or directly outside the apartment (in the building, stairwell, on open spaces, and so on).
Our rest periods are to be kept from 10pm to 7am. Respect the right of neighbors to their night's sleep.
Windows and doors should be closed during storm and rain.
In extreme contamination of the apartment may incur extra costs for cleaning.
The check in is possible from 3pm. The departure has to be done on the day of departure until 10am. Later check outs are only allowed with our permission.
The guest is obliged to report any damage incurred during the stay as soon as possible. He is liable for self-inflicted damage during its use.
The landlord can not be held liable for the short-term loss of furnishings, public supplies such as electricity, water or gas. Price reduction is excluded. The same applies to force majeure.
The landlord is not liable for the valuables and property of the guests.
The booked number of persons may not be exceeded without the consent of the landlord. If agreed, an increase in the price is reserved. In case of violation of this regulation, the landlord is entitled to cancel the period of stay and to demand a surcharge for the overcrowding for the duration of the use contrary to contract.
If a key is lost, the guest is obliged to pay the costs (new key and/or exchange of the lock).

The landlord is responsible for the careful execution of the reservation and the provision of the apartment. In the case of force majeure or adverse circumstances, the landlord has the right to offer the tenant and the persons registered an equivalent accommodation. If no equivalent substitute object can be offered, or the renter does not agree with the substitute object, there is a possibility for both sides to terminate the contract. In this case, the liability of the landlord is limited to the reimbursement of the sums paid. The guest and his fellow travelers hereby expressly declare that they use the holiday apartment as well as all the objects of the house at their own risk and that they indemnify the landlord from all reclaim claims derived therefrom.

Maintenance work and damage in the apartment or in the house:
The guest undertakes to treat the rented premises and the objects and facilities rented for use with care. The tenant has to inform the landlord immediately about deficiencies of the leased property and the rented objects or dangers that threaten their conservation. The tenant is liable for all damage and impairments of the rented rooms and objects, as far as they are beyond the wear and tear that occurs due to the proper use. This also applies to damage and impairments by third parties who are in the leased premises with the consent of the tenant. If the landlord or his representative is not available, the guest has to arrange an emergency repair as part of his duty of care. The costs will get reimbursed by the landlord, provided that the damage was not caused by negligence by the tenant.

Additional agreements:
Should one of the regulation of these house rules be or become invalid in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining regulations will not be affected. Rather, instead of the ineffective regulation, either the local house rule on site (for the respective apartment) come into effect or retroactively the legally permissible or such an effective rule, which corresponds to the original party will in economic terms. 

The place of jurisdiction is in Vienna.